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Where to view my artwork

My artwork is available for viewing at the following locations:


Allora Massage and Spa, Suite A, 410 N 1st Street, Hamilton 

Asmus Jewelers & Coins, 700 N 1st St, Hamilton

Suzette's Organics, 163 S 2nd St, Hamilton

Tamarack Health DPC, 310 N 1st St, Hamilton

Kutting Edge Salon, 3910 Eastside Hwy, Stevensville

Brocks Barber Shop, 3920 US 93, Ste C, Stevensville

Upcoming Events

I am planning on being in the Artists Along The Bitterroot next year, the Legends West Art Show next March, as well as MPAA's shows in February and June. More information about those shows as it becomes available!

I have plans in the works for submitting to future shows, galleries, etc. So stay tuned!
Meanwhile, I'll be painting!

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